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Charleston Companion Care

At Nightingale’s Nursing of Charleston, our nurses, attendants, and other staff are available to give main caregivers a much needed break, or just to keep you or your loved one company during the day.

We have two programs: our Respite Care program and our Companion Care program.

Respite is a service intended to relieve a caregiver by allowing them time out of the house. Taking time for themselves even a few hours or even a few weeks can help caregivers get much needed rest and relaxation so they can come back to their loved one refreshed and better prepared to care for them. Everyone needs rest and downtime. We understand – let us take over for a while!

Our Companion Care program is intended for any homebound loved ones who may get lonely or could be suffering from “situational depression.” Just having someone to talk to, spend time with, or read to you can be the best medicine in the world. Having a meal and some conversation two to three nights a week promotes good care and better emotional wellbeing for our clients.

If you are in need of our in companion services, please contact Nightingale’s Nursing & Attendants of Charleston here »

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Nightingale’s Nursing & Attendent Care Services is South Carolina’s leading at home nursing care provider. With locations in Greenville, Camden, Charleston, Florence and Myrtle Beach, Nightingale’s Nursing has a service area that covers most of South Carolina. We specialize in in-home care.

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