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Charleston Pediatric Care

When it comes to caring for infants, young children, or teenagers who are completely or partially homebound, it takes a nurse or attendant who is not only specially trained, but a special person who can enthusiastically and compassionately keep up with the needs of youth.

Our pediatric caregivers are excellent for children with disabilities, such as cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, autism, and other conditions. In addition to general caregiver duties, these children also need more active caregivers who are energetic enough to keep up with children, providing play and other activities essential for children’s and youth’s emotional and psychological enrichment and development. Our caregivers can also help with homework, communication devices, and other such needs.

Our caregivers can work in concert with your child’s teachers, occupational therapists, and others to maintain therapy plans or help accompany children to therapy and appointments and playdates. Special training is provided for all nurses and attendants who work with children on the autism spectrum, or other related developmental disorders.

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