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Charleston Exercise Programs

Staying moving and active, even in small ways, is great for physical and even psychological health and wellbeing. With accommodations and assistance from our attendants and nurses, in conjunction with your or your loved one’s usual health care providers, we can help you stay happy and healthy by maintaining healthy exercise fit to your needs and limitations.

Our home care exercise programs are set up and supervised by professional nurses at no additional cost to you. Improving or maintaining muscle mass can make a world of difference to your daily life. Even a small change can improve your strength and balance, especially for those who have experienced muscle loss. Even non-visible muscle mass increases can be all it takes to get up from your chair with more easy, or climb that set of stairs unassisted! Not to mention the emotional boost and well-being gained from having more personal autonomy.

Our exercise programs can also work in conjunction with physical therapy plans on a long term basis. Beyond exercise, we also have stretching and range-of-motion programs, which help your joints and muscles work smoothly to help prevent falls. Nightingale’s also has a specialized program intended for paralyzed clients.

If you are in need of our exercise program services, please contact Nightingale’s Nursing & Attendants of Charleston here »

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