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Lifestyle changes is a natural companion to the aging process, and new health and living needs can introduce new challenges, making living day to day life more difficult. Adjusting to these challenges can be a learning curve, and even require a complete revamping of the way a home is run. We can help in that transition as well as what comes after, to help accommodate health issues and other natural results of aging.

We all know that with age comes wisdom, but it can also come with increased health concerns. Having an at-home nurse or aide can help with daily living if you have achy joints, or help prevent falls, or lend a helping hand to families whose loved one may have suffered a medical event like a heart attack or stroke.

Bedbound loved ones may be too heavy to lift, need help in the bathroom, or may need other specialized medical assistance. Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia can also pose their own challenges.

We have a wide range of home care programs available for elderly clients, from those who just need a kind, helping hand and companion a few hours a day, to 24-hour care due to unique medical needs. Our Nightingale’s companion program can assist in basic daily living activities such as medication reminders or meal prep. Our programs can range from basic companionship and daily living assistance to our Registered Nurses available to help 8 hours or more per day our clients with more intensive healthcare needs.

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Nightingale’s Nursing & Attendent Care Services is South Carolina’s leading at home nursing care provider. With locations in Greenville, Camden, Charleston, Florence and Myrtle Beach, Nightingale’s Nursing has a service area that covers most of South Carolina. We specialize in in-home care.

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